Gallery-Baths of Adonis

According to legend, this is the area in which Adonis and his lover, Aphrodite, would meet and spend their time together. Most of the couple's children were born here and it is said that the inhabitants of Paphos are their descendants. It is also the place where Adonis died after he was injured by Ares disguised as a wild boar.

The Adonis Bath is located in Kili, a short drive from Paphos. Although the signs say that the road is 'good for all cars', an off road vehicle is generally preferred to make the trek. The baths are located below a waterfall and there are high cliffs either side with a few trees leaning over the water. The waters are quite deep and excellent for swimming.

Just outside the baths there is a statue of Adonis and Aphrodite with an inscription that reads,'Ladies infertile, who wish to become pregnant; touch Adonis' appendage, and have many children thereafter.

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