Gallery-Baths of Aphrodite

This natural beauty spot and popular tourist site is steeped in the myths and legends of Cyprus. Set in a pool grotto, surrounded by greenery, the site is said to be the place where Aphrodite, goddess of Love, bathed. According to local folktale, bathing in the pools water, could reduce your age by about 10 years, although eels have been placed in the water in the past to stop people from getting in the water. Legend also has it that Aphrodite met her most famous lover, Adonis at this spring.

Natural trails dot the surrounding area, including the one that leads to the Bath.

Take the B7 to Polis and follow the signs to Latchi. Pass through the small fishing village with its picturesque harbour, and follow the signs to the Bath. At the end of the road is a car park and a restaurant perched on a cliff overlooking crystal clear waters. Several nature trails start at this point.

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