In Cyprus vehicles over 4 years old are subject to Department Of Transport (DoRT) test - similar to the UK MOT. The MOT test is a 'basic' check on the car's mechanical equipment, including brakes, lights and steering etc. These are checked to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy.
Assuming your vehicle is registered in your name at the correct address, you may receive notification from the Department Of Transport (DoRT) that you have failed to comply with the MOT requirement, you will be allowed a short period of grace; in which to comply with the MOT requirement.
You will need to take the vehicle for testing, it is advisable to book an appointment with the MOT testing station, and you will be covered for the drive there if your MOT certificate has already expired. Remember to take the vehicle registration document and fee (currently 34.17 Euros).
The result will be entered on the DoRT database immediately and a certificate is issued, which is valid for two years.
Many MOT testing stations carry out a pre-DoRT checks at a nominal prices, they can estimate what work should be done in order to prepare the vehicle for a pass.