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A popular bay on the north coast of the Akamas peninsula, the 'Fontana Amoroza' (or fountain of love) is said to bubble with the goddess Aphrodite's fabled love potion. Legend has it that Aphrodite brought many of her lovers here, away from the prying eyes of mortals and for the privacy the bay had to offer. Another legend says that those that consume water from the well there will fall in love again.  Assuming you can find the spring, the water is cool and fresh. The fresh water spring is constant and has at least 2 outlets that we know of. However we are sworn to secrecy.

Coming to more recent times however, the bay is a popular snorkelling paradise with both locals and foreigners alike. Terracotta pots and pottery fragments litter the seabed in the area and more fish than in most locations of the Akamas coastline can be spotted here. It is often on the routes for boat tours from nearby Latchi Harbour (Although Fontana Amaroza is less crowded than Blue Lagoon, close by).

One of the most scenic spots in the Paphos district, it is definitely worth a trip. There are two ways to get to it. One is to take the B7 to Polis, follow the signs to Latchi and then to Aprodite's bath (along Akamantos Avenue). From there the road turns from tarmac to dirt. It hugs the coast all the way to the bay.

The second route is a little longer and through the heart of the Akamas itself, it is a very beautiful area. It is advisable to use a vehicle with high clearance or better still an off-road vehicle. Follow the E701 to St George and turn onto the Paphos-Akamas road. Follow the road north until after Lara Bay (roughly 7 kms). The road will turn a NE direction and head up hill into the woodlands of Akamas. Follow the signs until you get the Fontana Amoroza.

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