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Cyprus Postal Rates


1. Users are requested:
(a) To use suitable and durable envelopes adapted to their contents
(b) To affix the postage stamps on the front upper right-hand side comer of the envelope
(c) To write legibly the name and full address of the recipient on the front side of the envelope
(d) To write on the upper left-hand side corner or on the reverse side of the envelope the name and full address of the sender
(e) To write on their mail in front of the place of destination the respective Post code number


2. Letters: Printed Papers, Literature for the blind and Small Packets.
Maximum: Length, width and depth combined: 900 mm but the greatest dimension may not exceed 600 mm with a tolerance of 2 mm.
In roll form: Length plus twice the diameter, 1040 mm but the greatest dimension may not exceed 900 mm with a tolerance of 2 mm.

Minimum: to have a surface measuring not less than 90 X 140 mm, with a tolerance of 2 mm.
In roll form: Length plus twice the diameter: 170 mm but the greatest dimension may not be less than 100 mm.

Maximum: 125 X 235 mm., with a tolerance of 2 mm.
Minimum: 90 X 140 mm, with a tolerance of 2 mm.
Length: At least equal to the width multiplied by 2 (approximate value 1.4)

To calculate the correct charge for your items, please use the postal rate calculator at the following link - link

More details can be obtained from the various Post Offices or by dialing (22) 805 800, (25) 802 254, (24) 802 600 and (26) 940 223

Cyprus Postal Services

The Letter Post Service covers conventional mail

Letters with a maximum weight of 2KG     

Printed Papers with a maximum weight of 5KG     

Small Packets with a maximum weight of 2KG     

Books, newspapers and periodicals  with a maximum weight of 5KG

Literature for the blind with a maximum weight of 7KG

Special bags for printed Papers with a maximum weight of 30KG

Letter boxes should be easily accessible for the postman and be a maximum of 4 meters from the access point to the property

The Parcel Post Service covers the transportation of commercial samples and merchandise which, due to weight and size can not be sent by letter mail

Special Cyprus mail yellow boxes are available for sending fragile parcels such as glass, there are four sizes available at all post office counters

Datapost items (Letters/Parcels etc), are treated separately from other postal items and are sent to the countries of destination in special dispatches. They are cleared from customs immediately (top priority for items containing merchandise) and are delivered by special messengers within 24 hours after arrival or 48 hours in exceptional cases.

Other postal services:

Registered Items: Letter post items and local parcels may be sent registered.
A receipt is issued to the sender of a registered item at the time of posting.

Advice of delivery (AR): The sender of a registered or an insured item may apply for an advice of delivery at the time of posting.
The advice of delivery signed by the addressee shall be returned to the sender proving that the item was delivered.

Insured Items: Letter post items and parcels with valuable contents may be mailed as insured items.
The insured value should not exceed the actual value as declared by the sender.

Inquiries: Inquiries are accepted for registered and insured items within a period of one year from the day of posting.

Express Items: These should bear the red label "Express" and are treated with priority at the time of delivery.

Poste Restante: This service is offered only to travellers and to persons with no permanent residence.

Redirection of Postal Items: If an addressee changes his address, letter post items may be redirected to the new address for a period up to three months according to the applicant's request.

Withdrawal from the Post. Alteration or correction of address: The sender of a letter-post item may have it withdrawn from the Post or have its address altered or corrected as long as the item has not been delivered to the addressee.

Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.): The Post Office undertakes the collection of the value of contents of an item on behalf of the sender.

Stamp vending machines are installed at all District Post Offices for 24 hours service.

Franking Machines In cases of mailing a large volume of items, the senders may use franking machines against payment of the postage rates after obtaining a licence from the Director of the Department of Postal Services.

Post Office Boxes Post office boxes are installed at District and sub-post offices in Cyprus. Holders of private post office boxes may collect their correspondence on a 24 hour basis

International Reply Coupons International Reply Coupons are exchangeable for one or more postage stamps representing the minimum postage repayable of an air mail letter sent abroad.

More details can be obtained from the various Post Offices or by dialling (22) 805 800, (25) 802 254, (24) 802 600 and (26) 940 223

Cyprus Telephone Service

Cyprus telephone servicesThe three main telephone service providers all offer fixed telephony (land-lines) as well as mobile phone services, there are standard monthly payment packages and pay as you go (pre-paid telephony) packages available.
For mobile phones you may need to buy a connection pack, available from most supermarkets, corner shops and telecommunications stores.

Cyprus International Country code : 00357

On 1st December 2001, National Telephone Numbering changed to the following:.

The "0" prefix was abolished for all calls within Cyprus and replaced by a two-digit prefix, even when making a call to a phone number in the same district.

Inland District Codes
Nicosia: 22 xxx xxx
Famagusta: 23 xxx xxx
Larnaca: 24 xxx xxx
Limassol: 25 xxx xxx
Paphos 26 xxx xxx
There ia also an 8 digit numbering system for mobile telephones, the prefix number for mobile phones depends on which service provider you are with.

CYTA: 99 xxx xxx or 97 xxx xxx
MTN: 96 xxx xxx
Primetel 95 xxx xxx

CYTA, MTN and Primetel all offer e-billing services, contact each respective provider for full details, an outline of the service follows below:

The service offers:

- Access to account billing information for fixed telephony, mobile telephony, internet service etc.
- Billing history for the last six months.
- Access to your bills before they reach you by post.
- Access to the detailed statements of your calls.
- The option of receiving your bills and/or the detailed statements of your calls electronically only.

Cyta Call Centre: 132

Primetel Call Centre: 133

MTN Call Centre: 136

Cyprus Internet Providers

Cyprus Internet Providers

Full details are available online or by telephoning the call centres:

CYTA call center: 132 for CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority) (

Primetel call center: 133 for Primetel (

MTN call center: 136 for MTN (

Cyprus FAQ

Cyprus Paphos FAQWelcome to our FAQs.

We have listed the most common FAQs below.

If you do not find what you are searching for below, please e-mail us: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: Why Paphos?
We might be considered biased, as Paphos is our home, but from the 12th century fort that presides over the harbour to the town center with its colonial style buildings, there is something for everyone to love! Steeped in historical sites, such as the ancient mosaics (dated to the 2nd century BC), to the refreshingly modern architecture of its new buildings, travelling through Paphos feels like travelling through time.

Q: What is the weather like?
Cyprus, and therefore Paphos, has a subtropical/ Mediterranean climate. For most of the year the weather is warm and sunny. The average summer temperature is about 30C but can on occasion, during heat waves, climb to excess of 40C! In the winter, temperatures range from 14-18C during the day and as low as 7C at night. Summer typically lasts 8 months from April to November. The rainy season starts in October and can last until May with the two wettest months being December and January. Snow tends to fall in the higher regions of the Troodos mountains, with occasional light snows as low as Tsada Village on the outskirts of Paphos.

Q: What is there to do in Paphos?
There is always plenty to do in Paphos. During the summer months, look out for the beach parties organised by various bars and clubs. Beer festivals and Rock and Blues Festivals usually take place in the shadow of the Harbour Castle. At the end of the summer, Ancient Greek Tragedies and Comedies are performed in the Ancient Odeon and sometimes even Shakespearean Plays (Othello is quite popular in Cyprus due to the fact that it is set on the island!). In the first week of September, the Aphrodite Festival organizes an opera which also takes place using the Castle as a backdrop. Easter time sees bonfires lit by all major churches as well as midnight firework displays. Paphos was voted Capital of Culture 2017.

Q: What are some interesting places to visit?
Paphos, and Cyprus, in general is full of interesting places to see and visit. For some inspiration, look at our galleries here.
*If you manage to capture a stunning picture or discover a place which we do not have on our galleries, please feel free to email us the photos. We will publish them online with full credits.

Q: How can I get around in Paphos?
Paphos, whilst smaller than the other Cypriot cities can still be difficult to navigate or travel across. From Yeroskipou to Peyia is roughly 20km, or 27 minutes travel time. Of course, the best and fastest way to travel is with a private car. If, however, you do not have access to one there are dozens of car hire places from which a rental car can be secured. We also offer this service, through major global companies. Alternatively, in 2008 Paphos introduced a new bus company that now services not just the main tourist attractions but also Paphos' many suburbs and other areas in the district. You can view more details on our buses and coaches pages from the general information section.

Q: Is my driving licence valid in Cyprus?
Cyprus recognises the validity of all European and many other countries drivers licences, as such you may drive on public roads in a road worthy vehicle for the class of vehicles you are approved for, so long as you have the appropriate insurance and MOT (if required). To exchange your current driving licence for a Cypriot licence you must have been a resident for six months or more.

Q: Where can I buy groceries in Paphos?
There are several large supermarkets in Paphos. You can view details our shopping page from the essential information section.

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