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Cycling in Cyprus

Cycling in CyprusGood weather conditions and a varied landscape make Cyprus an interesting road and mountain-biking place all year round.

Traffic regulations are similar to the UK; with driving on the left-hand side of the road.
International road traffic signs are placed along roads and freeways.

Cyclists are advised to avoid cycling along the main roads at weekends, especially in the summer when traffic is quite heavy.

If possible cyclists should also avoid riding due west in the late afternoon as the glare of the setting sun can be unpleasant and potentially dangerous. Sunglasses and a cycling hat should be worn during the day in the summer months.

In Pafos you can easily rent a bicycle around 10-12 Euro per day. These prices can be reduced if renting for longer periods.

The Cyprus Cycling Federation organises contests in the spring such as the Afxentia Mountain Bike Two Stage International Race.
In the autumn various other cycling events are organised in which everyone is welcome to participate.

In late November there is also an International Mountain Bike Race at Agia Napa.

The Federation also organises local and international races for road racing and mountain biking.

The Cycle Club Podilatokinisis, the Cycling Federation's own club, organises various non-racing cycling activities and events
where everyone is welcome to participate. Similar activities are organised also by the Limassol Cycling Club.


The Cyprus Cycling Federation 1 Kimonos Street, Engomi, 2406, Nicosia
Tel: 22 663 344, Fax: 22 661150

The Limassol Cycling Club: PO Box 56142, 3304, Limassol
Tel: 25 585 980.

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