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Cyprus Pets

Bring your pet to Cyprus or adopt here from a charitable organisation eager to re-home local pets and strays. pet cats cyprus

***As of 1st of January 2011, the quarantine period for pets from abroad was changed from 6 months to three weeks***

You must section off a suitable area in your new home which allows your pet to move freely; this is known as home quarantine.
There is a 2 pets legal limit for dogs or cats per residential, if you want to have more pets you will need to apply to your local municipality for a licence.
You must state your reasons why you want more than 2 animals and show that you can provide a suitable and secure area.

To transport your pet you must prepare a livestock crate or buy a pet container. The cargo company can advise you of the exact details.
The rule of thumb is that the crate must be: High enough for the animal to stand with the tip of its ear just clear of the top of the crate.
The animal will travel as cargo and is chargeable on a weight basis.

Pet Passport Scheme: (this only applies to cats, dogs and birds)

There are permits and documentation that should be stamped, you will require in these Cyprus, a vet in your country can advise you.
You should have your animal vaccinated just before you leave your originating country.
If your animal is properly inoculated you can avoid lengthy home quarantine.

Telephone Helplines:
Emergency - Tel: 00357 99 655 581
Rescue - Tel:00357 26 935 018
Animal Welfare Shelters Tel: 00357 99 637 895

Veterinary Clinic - Tel: 00357 26 953 496
Education Centre Tel: 00357 26 946 461

dogshelter 2aPaphiakos and C.C.P. Animal Welfare
12 Dedalos Buildings
8049 Kato Pafos
P.O. Box 61272 Kato Pafos, 8132

dog shelter paphosPaws Shelter
Cyprus Association for the Protection and Care of Animals
Yeroskipou, Pafos
Telephone: 00357 99 683 775

Malcolm Cat Protection Society
PO Box 53759 Limassol
Telephone: 00357 25 952 62

BFPO British Forces
Animal Welfare Society
Telephone: 00357 27 744 432

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