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Insurance Services


Special insurances; personal, homes and businesses:
Structural damage
Fire and theft
Window insurance
Public liability
Loss of earnings.
Life insurances

Household and Contents:
Loss or damage caused by flood, fire, explosion, burglary, earthquake.

Third Party
Covers damage and injury to third parties person or property.

Third Party Fire & Theft
This insurance also covers loss by fire explosion, theft or an attempted theft.

This insurance covers damage by caused by the any of the insured drivers and is further increased to include cover as shown below.

Optional Insurance cover:

Breakage or damage Windscreen and other windows.

Personal Accident Cover
Additional personal cover whilst driving the vehicle.

No Claim Bonus Protection
Protects no claims bonus for an extra premium, in the event of a claim being made.

Loss of Use of the Insured Vehicle following an accident.

Wide range of policies to cover your needs whilst in Cyprus and abroad.

Marine Insurance and Pleasure Boats:
Wide range of policies, please apply for further details.

Various cover for travel and whilst abroad.

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