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From Monday, 2nd September 2019

you will find us at our new offices in Chloraka,

at the St George traffic lights.

Antonesco Plaza, Shops 11 & 12

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Septic Waste Disposal

Paphos sewerage system. Soak-away and septic tanks

The Paphos sewerage system is currently being installed across the region and Paphos Town itself. There are, however, still villas and properties that are not on the main system yet. Such properties each have their own soak-away and septic tank, ordinarily these tanks require little maintenance or emptying since they operate on a biodegradable principal. In the event of system failure, where bloackages' occur or the tanks collapse, they will require emptying, one of the typical problems that arise are from blockages caused by toilet tissue being flushed into the system, since this does not break down quickly enough to soak away.

The following details are for a company that specialise in emptying septic tanks, charges vary depending on the size of the tank and the nature of the problem. A typical price to empty a normal size tank is approximately 100 euros.

sewage truck Faganas Drainage Services
1 Kimonas Street
8200 Geroskipou
Phone number: 26 962 704
Mobile number: 99 888 121