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From Monday, 2nd September 2019

you will find us at our new offices in Chloraka,

at the St George traffic lights.

Antonesco Plaza, Shops 11 & 12

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Airconditioning Service

Our engineers are qualified in all aspects of air conditioning, including servicing, fault finding, leak detection, safe regassing and topping up.

We operate in line with the latest EU regulations regarding the use of greenhouse and ozone depleting gases, we are environmentally friendly!

Our engineers cover the Paphos area, other locations will be considered, please contact us for details.

We provide a friendly, professional and reliable service.


We recommend a major service is carried out at least once a year for normal use, half-yearly for heavy usage.

We carry out full and comprehensive services of your A/C units, we ensure that they are clean, safe and working efficiently.

Our engineers are fully qualified to carry out servicing and you will feel secure in the knowledge that a professional service has been provided.

Contact us for further details.