Omodos Village

Omodos village falls just within the Limassol district and is situated 11 km southwest of Platres; within the Troodos mountain range.
Initially a wine producing village, and  once the property of Sir John De Brie, Prince of Galilee, it has become much more and a huge attraction for tourists and Cypriots alike.  A traditional wine press known as 'linos', has been restored in an old house, which you may visit.
The Monastery of Stavros, 'Holy Cross', stands by the stone-paved square and contains old icons, excellent wood carvings and other ecclesiastical objects of interest, it is a national treasure and much cherished by Cypriots. There are several accounts of miracles being performed. It is unclear exactly how old the original church site is, however there are claims that it dates back to around 327 AD, making it very old indeed!  The monastery has been restored and renovated over time.
There are other venues to visit, including a gallery, cultural museum, private museums, picture exhibitions a small Museum in remembrance of the National Struggle.

A festival is held in the village every August, and there is a large religious fair on the 14th of September.

The village is very popular with tourists and has been extensively renovated; there are several restaurants and cafes in the village square, as well as an array of souvenir shops, where you can purchase homemade handicrafts, such as tablecloths, treaded quilts, chattily lace, locally produced traditional foods and sweets and much more.

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