Paphos marinaThe Paphos marina at Podima in Kissonerga was awarded to the Poseidon consortium (includes Aristo), due to a 22 December 2015 ruling made in the Supreme Court of Cyprus. The original Cybarco-Pandora consortium (includes Leptos) have been in a legal dispute concerning the construction of the project since 2008, they were eventually frozen out of eligibility and contention.
After much legal wrangling and speculation regarding the 1000 berth Paphos Marina, work is due to begin in 2016. The marina is expected to be fully operational and in service during 2019.

The financially adept and shrewd business people amongst will note that there is a great opportunity available. Even the most reserved speculator would acknowledge that Paphos property values should increase by consequence, after all are there any Mediterranean locations with top notch Marinas that are poverty stricken? we think not!! We are anticipating both local and foreign investment and demand for properties to rent or to buy.

In a brief study of comparative European Mediterranean locations the research showed that Paphos properties were on average 30-50% cheaper @ July 2008. Top-notch Mediterranean marinas command massive status and value; in fact many properties close to marinas are unaffordable, due to the large number of prospective buyers; so regarding the Paphos marina, delay at your own peril and risk of being priced out.

Cyprus, particularly Paphos has distinct advantages over many of its Mediterranean peers. Paphos has a solid infrastructure and all amenities are available locally. Paphos has an abundance of natural beauty and the sunshine is guaranteed for most of the year.

Of course Paphos is already a top choice re-location destination for people from Europe, particularly the UK, many ex-pats have retired here already and wave after wave of people are now opting to live and work here, frankly we understand why Paphos is so popular, when compared to what is on offer in other parts of Europe, to name but a few reasons: it's safer to live here, healthier living, a better place to raise families, less taxation and generally cheaper than most other developed countries and many more good and viable reasons.

Add the Paphos marina to your list!

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