If you commit certain traffic offences you may be given the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty and be issued with a ticket. If you do not accept the ticket you will be reported and a summons to court will follow.

The penalties are issued in conjunction with or without penalty points according to the following criteria:

A fine of 3,00 euros per Km/h above the limit.

Causing death through dangerous driving: Min 5, max. 10

Hit and run: min 5, max. 10
The fine will be determined by the court

Thoughtless or dangerous driving: Min 3, max. 6
The fine will be determined by the court

Careless driving: min 2, max. 4
The fine will be determined by the court

Driving under the influence of alcohol: Min 3, max. 6
The fine will be determined by the court

Ignoring traffic lights: min 2, max. 4
A fine of 50 euros

Motorcyclists without helmets: min 1, max. 2 in built-up areas, min 2, max. 4 out of town or rural and suburban
A fine of 50 euros

Not wearing seat belt: Min 2, max. 4
A fine of 50 euros

Traffic police are obliged to impose the minimum penalty in each case except when serious offences are committed and the driver will be required to attend a court hearing.

In the transitional period from fine only offences to fine and endorsement there will be a fixed penalty for the following offences:

Using a mobile telephone whilst driving a vehicle
A fine of 50 euros

Eating or drinking whilst driving a vehicle
A fine of 50 euros

Penalty points will expire three years after the offence was committed.

The courts will have the power to disqualify drivers from driving when they have 12 points on their licence.

When a ban is finished the offender will be able to drive again, although the points received will remain on his licence for 3 years.

In the case of a foreign licence holder (e.g. a tourist) the courts can fine or imprison the offending driver.

The "New Drivers Bill" was proposed and rejected by the Cyprus Cabinet in 2006. Unlike the UK; double penalty points are not incurred by new drivers with less than two years experience, if they commit an endorsable driving offences.

Those who are fined for non-endorsable offences must pay at: Traffic Police Base, Paphos: Tel: 26-953 512


Endorsable offences should be paid at:

The Department of Transport
Mesogi Industrial Estate

(Just off the Paphos to Polis road)

If you are prosecuted and points are awarded they will appear in the endorsements section of your licence, along with accompanying details of the offence committed and the number of penalty points awarded.

The following offences are referred to court for the judges to consider, those found guilty can be fined, endorsed  and possibly banned:
    No driving licence
    No insurance
    No road fund licence
    Exceeding the prescribed speed limit by 50 Kp/h or more
    Being drunk in charge of a vehicle
    Dangerous or thoughtless driving
    Driving without due care and attention
    Driving an unregistered vehicle