Simou Village

Situated in close proximity to Drymou is the village of Simou with its 200 inhabitants, including about ten non-Cypriot families. Paphos is 30 kms away and in the opposite direction Polis is 12kms away. At 500 metres above sea level, there is little, if any, humidity in Simou.

There is one restaurant/taverna in Simou, one supermarket and three coffee shops. The coffee shops are all located in the pleasant village centre. The mukhtar of the village, Andreas, has confirmed that resurfacing of the village square took place in 2006 and it was finished in be finished in stone, in keeping with the tradition of the village. Echoing this tradition, many of the new stone houses are being expertly crafted by local master builders and stonemasons from overseas.

There is a village nursery catering for 3-6 year olds and an infants’ school for the 6-12 year olds. After that, the nearest secondary school is in Polemi and children are ferried there by inter-village buses or by their parents. The closest police station is a short drive away in Stroumbi and you will find the nearest hospital in the town of Polis. However, a doctor does visit the village every week on Fridays. The PO boxes are free when you apply to the village mukhtar and the refuse is collected twice weekly.

If you ever tire of the fantastic sea and mountain views, including the magnificent Table Top Mountain just outside the village, you can always head off to the Evretou Dam just outside the village boundary for a spot of fishing or visit the nearby Tsada golf course. Even closer though, why not see how big a catch you can get from the local river running through Simou?

Simou is home to one of the oldest trees in Cyprus at 1,000 years old – and there are records to prove it. The deciduous terebinth or trimithia tree is native to the Mediterranean and is said to have produced the earliest known from of turpentine. In days gone by, the ancient Greeks were said to have used this as medicine.

Also of note is the medieval Skarfos Bridge which was built by the Venetians. It is situated next to the old watermill where the locals used to grind wheat.

And if you’re keen on reptiles, the Cyprus Herpetologist Union holds exhibitions in Simou where you can get up close and personal with many of the island’s non-poisonous snakes.

Simou has a bit of everything for everybody – peace and quiet, a fantastic location being both close to nature and at the same time within easy distance of all amenities, unique sights and breathtaking views. With its sister village of Drymou, Simou is the perfect setting for your traditional stone-built house or a restoration project.

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