Tsada Village, General information

Tsada village is located just off the (B7) Paphos to Polis trunk road. As with many traditional Cypriot Villages it is built on a summit and hillside at an altitude of aprox 600(+) Mts above sea level; the views are exceptionally beautiful in all directions.

Tsada has approximately 1000 residents, being a mixture of Cypriots and expatriates, Tsada village has an efficient infrastructure which caters for the villagers basic needs, the village also features coffee shops, restaurants, mini market, pubs a winery, golf course and several impressive churches. Paphos itself is just 10-15 minutes drive away; everything you need for shopping and all other major services are close at hand.

There are other local villages nearby, being Kili, Kalepia, Letymbou and Armou, at 2, 4, 6 and 8 kilometres away respectively. There is a bus service to Tsada from Karavella depot in Paphos, it runs 4 times a day; Monday to Friday: 06.20, 07.40, - 12.40, and 14.20

The traditional Cyprus lifestyle is still very evident in Tsada, each month something very Cypriot is going on, whether it is celebrating a national holiday, or a local and traditional village function, a christening or local couple getting married in one of the Tsada churches , possibly a wine tasting evening at a local winery and much more. 

Paphos retirement community livingPaphos Retirement properties; Tsada Old Mill

Why we are building Tsada Old Mill Retirement Village.

We have chosen to build Tsada Old Mill wellness and retirement village for many reasons, particularly because of the wonderful people already there, as well as the beautiful and peaceful environment, excellent climate, safe and secure locality and easy access to Paphos and other primary areas.

The demand for retirement properties is very high; there is an obvious and accelerating upward trend for property purchases in Paphos, a very large percentage of the property buyers are older couples and retirees.
UK statistics show a retirement property shortfall of aprox 75,000 units per year; so don't dealy, contact us for more information and to book a viewing at the Tsada Old Mill.