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Our company policy is to provide you with comprehensive information and all the details of the properties you are considering, we take you to show homes and existing clients homes, you will be able to properly gauge our properties and meet people who have already bought.

We ask for your exact criteria and prepare an extensive itinerary of properties for you to view, we promise not to pressurise or rush you.

You will see how beautiful the area you are moving to is, and its proximity to beaches, restaurants, schools and other amenities.

We make every endeavour to complete our new constructions on time and are more than happy to offer you temporary accommodation in one of our ready villas close to where we are building for you. This is important for you and greatly assists your transition in to your new community. You will see and monitor your property being built first hand.

We offer free and professional progress reports on property construction to our clients who are abroad, we are your eyes and ears locally and will keep you fully informed so that you may have peace of mind.

We offer you beautiful properties that are second to none, built with traditional stone by our craftsmen and a steel frame concrete reinforced skeleton and cavity walls. Our stone properties are by far the most sought after.

We believe in great locations, top quality construction, value for money and an excellent client service that you can rely on during and after your purchase.

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