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Property Management

It can be quite daunting when you’ve bought a property abroad and then go back to your own country hoping everything will be okay. However, when you entrust your property to us, you can rest assured that you need to do nothing but sit back and watch your Cypriot property investment thrive.

If your property is a holiday home for you own personal use, we can make periodical checks on it to see there’s no damp, leaks, wasp nests in your A/C unit (yes, it has happened) or any other kind of damage. If any repairs need to be carried out, we will liaise with you, carry out the work and send you photographs before and after.

You can sign up for our mail service and we will forward any mail on to you, or open it if directed and discuss the contents with you. This may be municipality notifications, new charges being implemented (like the new cemetery and sewerage taxes) or any other important information.

Our team will report directly to you or to your representative on the island to ensure you have complete peace of mind where your property is concerned.


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