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Cypriot Foods

souvlakiCyprus Foods Glossary

Afelia - pork cooked in red wine and crushed coriander seeds
Arni - lamb
Avgolemono soup - egg and lemon soup
Bacaliaros - hake
Barbouni - red mullet
Baklava - fillo pastry with nuts and syrup
Bourekia - small puff pastries with meat, cheese or cream cheese filling
Daktyla - almond finger pastries
Elioti - olive bread
Elies tsakistes - cracked green olives with coriander seeds, lemon and crushed garlic
Fangri - common sea bream
Fasolia - haricot beans cooked in a casserole
Feta - salty white cheese usually crumbled on village salads
Flaounes - Cypriot Easter cakes made from cheese and spices
Glyko - preserved fruits in syrup
Halloumi - firm goats' or ewes' milk cheese, often served grilled
Hirino - pork
Hiromeri - marinated, smoked and pressed ham
Horiatiki salata - village salad of white cabbage, tomato, cucumber, capers, olives, onion, feta and fresh coriander
Houmous - dip from soaked, crushed chickpeas
Kalamari - squid
Kapari - pickled capers
Karaoli yahni - snails in tomato sauce
Keftedes - meat balls with mint
Kleftiko ofto - lamb or goat wrapped in foil with herbs and baked in sealed oven
Kolokotes - pastries stuffed with red pumpkin, raisins and pourgouri
Kotopoulo - chicken
Koupepia or dolmades - stuffed vine leaves
Koupes - cigar shaped wheat cases with meat filling
Lethrini - red bream
Loukoumades - small doughnuts served in syrup
Lountza - smoked and marinated loin of pork
Louganika - Cyprus sausages
Marida - whitebait
Moungra - pickled cauliflower
Moussakas - a pie made from layers of minced beef, spices and vegetable with a cheese topping
Octapodi krasato - octopus in red wine
Pitta - flat envelope of unleavened bread
Pourgouri pilafi - pilaf of cracked wheat
Psari - fish
Ravioli - pasta stuffed with halloumi and mint
Resi - wheat and lamb pilaf, served at weddings
Rizogalo - rice pudding served with sprinkled cinnamon
Sargos - white bream
Sheftalia - minced pork and herb rissole
Souvla - large chunks of lamb cooked on a spit
Souvlakia - kebabs
Sparos - two-banded bream
Stifado - rich beef and onion stew
Tahini - sesame seed paste, served as a dip
Taramosalata - dip made from smoked cod roe
Tigania - omelette with courgettes, mushrooms or artichokes.
Tonnos - bluefin tuna
Trahanas- soup from cracked wheat and yogurt
Tsipoura -- gilthead sea bream
Ttavas - a stew cooked in an earthenware pot
Tzantziki/talattouri - yoghurt, cucumber and mint dip
Vlachos - grouper
Vodino - beef
Xiphios - swordfish
Yemista - baked stuffed vegetables with rice and minced beef
Zalatina - brawn

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