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Cyprus Climate

Cyprus Climate, Weather, Sunrise, Sunset and Coptic Storms.

Month Sunrise Sunset
January 6:55 17:00
February 6:35 17:30
March 6:00 17:55
April 6:15 19:20
May 5:45 19:45
June 5:30 20:00
July 5:45 20.00
August 6:05 19:35
September 6:30 18:55
October 6:50 18:15
November 6:20 16:45
December 6:45 16:35

The average daytime temperature from June to September is 32C, from December to February 16 C and from March to May and October to November 25C. Paphos area is often 2C cooler in summer time and 2C warmer in winter time, compared to other major towns in Cyprus.

Cyprus average rainfall Average sea temperatures Cyprus

Each year in Cyprus the following Coptic storms and winds occur.
The probability of occurrence is high (+/- tolerance of 2 days).
Each Gale has been named and its most likely due date estimated.
The storm durations are approximations, underpinned by regular historical reoccurrence.
Gales imply strong winds, but historical data shows they can fail on occasion.
The direction of the storm or wind are generally South-West to West or North West.
The origin of the Coptic Storms and Winds guide is said to be over 3000 years old.
The ancient world of Egypt is behind us, but the weather patterns are still here.

Date Due Arabic Description Type or Name Wind Direction Likely Duration
January 11th El Fadrel Saggra Light Gale SOUTH 2-3 DAYS
January 19th El Fedra El Kibirain Feeder Gale WEST 4-5 DAYS
January 27th El Fedra El Kibirain Feeder Gale WEST 2-3 DAYS
February 18th El Fedra El Kibirain Feeder Gale NORTH-WEST 4-5 DAYS
March 10th El Hossom Equinox Bringer Gale SOUTH-WEST 7-8 DAYS
March 20th El Shams El Kabira Big Sun Gale EAST 2-3 DAYS
March 25th Hawa Wind Gale EAST 1 DAYS
April 29th Khaseen Sand Wind Gale EAST 2-3 DAYS
July 16th El Nogia Black Wind Gale EAST 2-3 DAYS
September 27th El Saleeb Cross Gale WEST 2-3 DAYS
October 21st El Saleebish Crusade Gale WEST 2-3 DAYS
November 26th El Micness Broom Gale WEST 2-3 DAYS
December 6th Kassim Gale SOUTH-WEST 6-7 DAYS
December 20th El Fadrel Saggra Light Gale SOUTH-WEST 1 DAY

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