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Cyprus Banks

Cyprus flag

Cyprus High Street Banks.

Cyprus banks are similar to other European banks and proficiently provide financial services to the public and commercial sectors.

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Alpha Bank Limited
Part of the Alpha Bank Group, A high profile mainstream bank with international branches and activities.

Coop Central Bank
Co-operative Central Bank Ltd. A high profile mainstream bank, with many branches in villages and rural areas.

Hellenic Bank
The Hellenic Bank Group is well represented in Cyprus and also operate in Greece

Piraeus Bank
A Greek mainland bank, now operating in Cyprus

Societe Generale Cyprus
One of the largest banks in the world now operating in Cyprus.

Laiki Group
Laiki Bank (Popular Bank. A high profile mainstream bank, also having international operations.
(This bank was absorbed by The Bank of Cyprus group)

Central Bank of Cyprus
Central Bank of Cyprus is the central Cypriot authority with the responsibility for overseeing high street banks and implementation of EU Monetary policy,as well as local financial responsibility.

JCC Payment Systems Limited (JCC) is a credit card processing company in Cyprus.

National Ombudsman for Cyprus
Era House,
2, Diagorou Street
1097 Nicosia
Fax: 00357 22 672 881

Cyprus Consumer Association in Paphos:
Nicolaou Katalanou 5
8010 Pafos, P.O.Box 60140,
8100 Pafos
Tel and Fax: 26 952050

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