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Podima Marina Kissonerga

paphos marina site

The new Paphos Marina, will be built at Podima bay, in Kissonerga.

The photos show the location is adjacent to the coast road, access to Paphos town will be very easy. The new marina location is also within easy walking distance of established bus routes serving the areas of Paphos - Kissonerga - Coral Bay - Peyia.

The Paphos marina will have 1000 berths for vessels of all sizes. The contract for construction was awarded to the Poseidon consortium which includes Aristo developers. The work is expected to begin in 2016 and be completed during 2019.
The marina will include restaurants, bars, cafes,  shops and various leisure facilities.

The marina location is close to the already established local communities of Kissonerga, Coral bay and Peyia, as such all utilities and services that are needed are already there.

paphos marina peyia

We anticipate huge interest from the public and commercial sector, initially those seeking properties to rent and to purchase and later tourists visiting the area.

Paphos is already a prime re-location and holiday destination for people from all over the world, it is particularly popular with Europeans, soon it will be full of yachts and boats.

We advise you to contact us and enquire early, before the inevitable price boom.

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