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From Monday, 2nd September 2019

you will find us at our new offices in Chloraka,

at the St George traffic lights.

Antonesco Plaza, Shops 11 & 12

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Medical Services

Medical Services, Paphos Hospital, Cyprus

Cyprus has a modern infrastructure for its medical professions and Cypriot doctors are well trained and qualified . The general hospitals offer free for emergency care, if you posses an E-112 form for health care, it is available to you as per EU directives.

The standard of medical services is good and our general hospitals, private clinics and medical centres are equipped with the latest facilities, even in the villages there are often doctors on hand and small practices.

Private hospitals and polyclinics offer a multitude of highly specialised services, in fact Cyprus is a world leader in IVF treatments. Other medical professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, dentist, opticians, chiropractors and many more are well represented and highly qualified.

Emergency Services: 112
Paphos General Hospital - 26 803100 or 26 803264
Larnaca General Hospital - 24 800500 or 24 803323
Limassol General Hospital -25 801100 or 25 305333
Nicosia General Hospital - 22 801400 or 22 405000

Private Hospitals:
St George Private Hospital 26 947000
Blue Cross Medical Centre 26 944998
Iasis Private Hospital - 26 848484
Ayios Raphael Clinic - 26 944945
Evangelismos Private Hospital - 26 848000
St James Medical Centre - 26 949100
Royal Artemis Centre - 26 961600
Elpis Medical Centre - 26 953000
Hippocratic Clinic - 26 941910