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Fun Bus Tours

fun bus tours paphosGeorge created the concept of 'Fun Bus' in 1998, as an alternative experience to the safari and to offer something radically different to both new and repeat tourists during their visits to Paphos.

The idea was to combine traditional Cyprus (that would be the bus - a Bedford, commonly used to transport locals between outer villages and major towns) with historical Cyprus (that would be all the stops along the way), sprinkle some Cypriot hospitality, cuisine and scenery (all part of an everyday BBQ), and serve up with a dollop of fun to all ages and nationalities.

Finding the exact ingredients however wasn't easy. An enormous amount of effort, consideration and thought went into planning every detail of this fantastic and fun day out. And the feedback we've gotten since proves that it was all worth it.

A day out on the Fun Bus is unlike any bus tour you've ever taken and the sun and sights are guaranteed.

Sea caves fun bus toursFun Bus Paphos Routes:

Prehistoric Settlement

Ever wondered what it would be like living 4,500 years ago? Yeah, us neither (there were no buses back then after all!). But the archaeologists behind the reconstruction of a Lempa prehistoric settlement thought we might.

See what remains of this ancient discovery dating back to what is known as the Chalcolithic Period (Chalcos – Copper, Lithic – Stone). How did people live? What were their customs? Compare what the archaeologists found in the ground with the reconstruction built.

Georges fun bus tours, touristsArt College

Okay, so you’ve passed your history lesson but what about art? When was the last time you saw a college built out of 100% Cyprus junk amongst other materials of course? Probably never, but that's all about to change.

For all you greenies out there this is a must! Once inside you’ll be privy to some fantastic and original pieces of art. It’s bizarre, it’s creative and quite unique we assure you.

Agios neophytos monastery

Ayios Neophytos Monastery

It’s all uphill from here (4,120cm to be precise). Are you ready for the climb? Visit the saint’s cave within the cliff edge (hand-carved, mind you, if the legends are true!) and the monastery built in his name. Move quietly through the courtyard and the corridors as not to disturb the monks. Bathe in the serenity of this holy place. (Fun Busians are reminded that to enter the church, clothes that cover shoulders and knees are required)

By the way if you’ve been itching for a cup of tea or coffee you’ll get the chance to enjoy one before the journey continues.

The waterfall at Adonis bathsAdonis Waterfall Adonis baths, fun bus swimmers

Off the beaten track we go!! As you’re journeying to the waterfall take note of the untouched landscape and keep your eyes peeled. You never know what you’ll see!

Oh, and the waterfall is absolutely beautiful. But don’t just wet your toes, jump in and enjoy the refreshing spring water. It won’t take years off your age but we guarantee you’ll feel rejuvenated.

fun bus toursMavrokolymbos Dam

(Mavro – Black, Kolymbos – Water Gathering).
Next up, the dam. Get those cameras ready; as the dam is neatly nestled in the valley, offering spectacular views and stretches of shimmering shiny water.

The dam was created in 1966, holds approx. 2,180,000m3 of water and is home to a variety of fish.

fun bus tours PaphosFun bus meal, Cypriot style:

Are the hunger pangs setting in yet?  How does a BBQ sound? Crispy chicken, perfect pork, jacket potatoes and George’s famous (or infamous) salad is what you’ll be tucking into and we always make sure there are seconds available for anyone that 'just can't get enough the first time round'. We also provide soft drinks and wine so you can mix and match as you please. And while you’re waiting for your meal to be prepared why not stroll down to the beach, take in some sun, go for a swim or hang about for chitchat. It’s your fun day out after all. Once you’ve had your meal join in with the entertainment. If you’ve brought along an instrument why not bring it on the trip. No grand pianos though, thank you!

georges fun bus paphosFun Bus Booking Information.

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