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Paphos Walks Treks

Lara bay, Akamas area

Pafos is an excellent area for walking - mainly in the virtually untouched Akamas peninsula, although if you wish to travel further afield there are also many great walks in the Troodos hills. There are numerous guidebooks which give details on walks and there are also leaflets available from any CTO office. Additionally the Laona Project has published a small booklet entitled 'Discover Laona Walks, Strolls and Drives' which gives details on seven walks in the Akamas area. The walks are of varying degrees of difficulty and are worth exploring as you will travel through some of the most beautiful parts of this tiny island. While thousands enjoy the walks each year, and in the main there are no accidents, it is important that you take some simple precautions: The major danger when walking in Cyprus is from the sun or dehydration, particularly if you are not acclimatised, and this can quickly lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Avoid walking between midday and 4pm during the summer months. Take plenty of water and drink at regular intervals, even if you do not feel thirsty. As a guide you should aim to carry a litre of water per person, per hour you plan to walk.

· Wear a hat and sensible shoes, preferably with ankle support. Many of the walks do not offer much shade and the ground may be rougher than you expect with loose stones underfoot.

· Use an effective sun cream.

· Try to avoid walking alone. If that is unavoidable you should ensure someone knows which route you are planning to take and when you expect to be back. Therefore, should you have an accident, they can raise the alarm and give searchers some indication of where you might be.

While snakes are rare - even if you see one it is unlikely to be poisonous - try not to put your hands or feet under rocks or bushes where snakes may be sleeping. In the unlikely event that you are bitten, do not panic. Simply return to your vehicle and go directly to the nearest hospital where they can treat you properly.
Article by J.H

Walks in the Trodoos area

Cyprus Walks

If you decide to stay at a coastal resort, don’t miss the chance of visiting the mountains! I would recommend that you take a hire car - you could visit some of the most popular villages in a day. If you would like to see the mountains at their best you can’t beat taking a short scenic walk, which will reveal so many things you would otherwise miss! I have included two of the best walks in the area, both start near Troodos

Excellent guide Walking in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus by Christopher Thompson (view PDF).

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